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Men are seldom more commonplace than on supreme occasions-Samuel Butler

Man, Brazil has a lot of bank holidays. THANK the LORD. This month of November there are two coming up, and to be honest, we need them. There are loads of exciting things happening in the next month or two, but it means that we are snowed under with preparation and kids, loving it, but add that to a particularly busy time at seminary handing in essays and such, means that I am a little fed up, and a little more than a little tired. This week has been particularly hard, and at the start of the week on Monday made we want to cry that it wasn't already Friday, but then I was blessed, and blessed again (with the help of our awesome teens) and have been blessed all week, and have made it to Wednesday without incident, and with several good days at the project, so I think I'm going to make it!
On Sunday we had an amazing time at Children's day, we rented 5 different 'games' for the kids, two trampolines, two bouncy castles and one ballpit for the little ones and it was a …

I go to school but I never learn what I want to Know - Calvin


I am now going to talk a little politics, and those of you who know me (I.e all 6 of you) know that it´s going to be rant, so I´m not even going to try to disguise it as anything else.

Brazil recently had it´s elections, and for me the election process was a extremely difficult. There seemed to be about 7 different things that needed voting for, from president to district representative. And publicity was something else, everywhere you went, any free wall space was painted white, and then painted with number of the candidates, presidential candidates had like a double digit number, below some line that I didn´t really understand, then the other representatives had higher numbers, going to 5 digit number for district rep. When you vote you are meant to remember the numbers of all your reps and put them in the voting machine, its maybe a good thing that I dont get to vote, I would have remember the numbers wrong for sure. In any case, voting is manditory or you get fined, which …

“We're horribly mundane, aggressively mundane individuals. We're the ninjas of the mundane, you might say.”

Hey all!!
It's been a while, I think that I am currently still trying to get back into some sort of routine after the camps in July, there are so many things that we are trying to get done and to sort out that have taken up a lot of my time, so yet again I find myself apologizing. Sorry! Having said that there is so much to say, that really there is little that I can think of, if you really understand what I mean...everything and nothing to tell you all. So maybe this time I will tell you some of the things that I have been noticing around me in Brazil, that have made me stop and think, and really don't have much to do with our project but that you might find interesting....
Kites. What is it about Kites that make them some sort of universal form of entertainment, I had kind of forgotten about kites as I grew up, but I can also remember playing with them as a kid, but as I grew up the only place I thought about kites when I was teaching kids their ABC's it seems to be the mos…