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Travelers never think that they are the foreigners. ~Mason Cooley

Well, that sure took long enough. Didn't it? But here I am, after two very frustrating trips to them embassy where words like 'too vague' and 'not government authorised' were thrown around a lot. I cried a little, and I think that must haven softened this guy up, so when I went in the final time, and he had all the papers that anyone could ever have imagined existed about one person (including photocopies of my diary...but that's a different story), it took all of 3 minutes, and now I should be holding my visa in a couple of days. Which lead to my new favourite person Jonathan King, booking my flights and sorting my finances out, so that I shall be on a plane on Thursday 25.2 (God Willing).
Slowly, I am getting a little more excited. As of yet it doesn't feel so different. I am sat at work, I have to get up tomorrow morning to go to work, so that doesn't feel different. I have to bury my mothers mother on Saturday morning and to get through 2 nights of …