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“Our houses are such unwieldy property that we are often imprisoned rather than housed by them.”

Hei there!

Wow, its been a little while! It was Christmas, and then it was my 4 weeks off, and now I am in Limbo. But the good kind of limbo, the kind where you feel empowered and that whatever comes next can only be good, and if it isnt, you can change it all so that it is. Cryptic I know ;) We are currently in a process of change and modification, and until there is a more solidified plan of this, I think its better that I dont confuse everyone, anyone, with a serious of presuppositions and nonesense, so, Ill let you know about things, when I have a frimer grip on it myself.

So, instead I have decided to inaugurate 2011 blogging with a rant, as usual, why change it if it works right?

Legalism, it started out like one of this little itches, maybe at the top of your arm, or like a fly buzzing around when really you wanted to consentrate on something a little more important, but It wasnt one of those things that you concentrated on, much, then it became like that little thud in your head …