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That's the Difference Between Me and The Rest of the World! Happiness isn't Good Enough for Me, I Demand Euphoria.


So here I am, beautiful Drumnadrochit. I have definately been missing Scotland since going home, and it's great to be back. The things that I have liked the most so far:

*Walking to the Post Office to have each person that I walk past smile at me.
*Chatting to lovely touristy folk in the restaurant and have them tell me all sorts of stories and such (In Finland the only story the customers were likely to tell you would involve the quality of their food, or the number of their cupons that they expected to work at that restaurant) (Also Speacial commendation goes to the lovely austrailian couple who gave me a boomarang shaped fridge magnet on my second day here! - It's the little things people, it really is).
*Continental Breakfast
*Reading my paper everyday.
*Naptime! (yes, I have naptime)

Well, the list could go on. But the point in the end is that 4 days in I feel that I've made the right choice coming to Scotland to await the next part of the Visa proceedings (No word as…

Age is a very high price to pay for maturity

Hey one and all.
Yes, I'm a day late, as was alreayd pointed out. But I figured that since yesterday was my birthday that I could have some mercy time. Apparently not. ;) So now I turned 24, although I did have a long argument about it with one of the chefs. Apparently when you reach a certain age, your brain tells you that really you shouldn't be that age. So I had convinced myself that I ws turning 23, and argued with him about it for a good 10-15 minutes. I then took out a calculator (this is how convinced I was) and showed him how I was turning..........24. whoops. So there you have it, it appears that I'm having an age crisis.
Sarah has been visiting and it's been lovely, I've had an excuse to stay in bed late, and to eat good food and to watch awful movies. I like having her here!

So plans have changed slightly since last week. Where the plan was to quietly wait in Helsinki until my visa comes through. Instead, I have been given an opportunity for something new…