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Second week of camps is over, and I am fully aware of the lack of blog for almost a wee while now. I refuse to make excuses for myself, but I am sure that other people would make them for me, these last couple of weeks have been something else completely! I hope you believe me when I say that I started writing this blog several times before giving up because I was just too exhausted to write anything worth the reading. I am afraid that today is no exception to this overall state of mind, so if this blog is eventually published, you must know that it is the result of the grace of God.
So two weeks of camps down, and two more to go. As you can imagine, there has not been a whole lot of sleep involved on these camps, and that is the number one topic of conversation most days at the moment, comparing how much sleep we get and trying to deal with symptoms of the lack of sleep, which mostly seem to be that people find each other rather hysterical. In the funny sense. I don't …