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“The inevitable consequence of poverty is dependence”

Do you know, that when people have less two things happen. Children become very aggressive about their possessions, and priorities are righted. But all of this happens in a very strange way, that I wouldn't have expected. Because children FIGHT for things, to get a ball or to play with a toy, or to get food. But once they have it, they are surprisingly willing to share. Once a child has money, he doesn't hoard it, but will go out and buy lollipops for everyone. If he buys a packet of biscuits, they are common property. If he gets the ball, more than likely he will round everyone up to play. It's strange, because I expected way more hoarding. In the 'west' I am used to children offering things, but rather sparingly, and grudgingly, so I really really expected something else.
The thing about priorities is interesting. Hannah and I are a part of a church plant, and our church has about a 40 members (we don't really do membership, but about 40 regulars) sometim…

“Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow.”

Yesterday, I did a pretty silly thing, after another pretty silly rebellious act of which I will tell you more about if I get caught for it, but for now, I would rather keep it under wraps :) I was on my way to visit Jen and Nate about 6pm in the evening, and for some unknown reason I got off the bus about 3 stops too soon, so about 1.5km away from where I was meant to be. Generally that's not a massive problem, but in my case, I catch the one rain day, and it has just gotten dark, the road that I am walking appears at the best of times to be a little sinister especially because it is hemmed in woodland, and there are no lights on the road, also rumoured to be one of the most accident prone roads in the area. So I am walking along, I who generally do not scare easily, with all sorts of scenarios running through my head, in all of which I of course emerge triumphant despite the menacing exaggerated strength of which-ever opponent I was dreaming up in that moment. It took me maybe 1…