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The £500 coconut that symbolises peace.

Hello All, happy Tuesday!
Hope one and all are well. This week has been one where I have been sat in front of a computer and fried my brain to try and finish bible studies, the budgeting course, and daily devotionals. Where I have studied microfinancing, and crafts for kid’s clubs and translated lyrics to children’s songs. I have prepared English lessons based on prominent characters of the Reformation (for the 500-year anniversary), planned games for teens clubs and tried to fix light fixtures about the new stage. When I stop and think about of how varied my work is, and how I can make my own schedule, I remember how grateful for the path that my life has taken! Despite having to learn organization, scheduling and discipline the freedom that making your own day brings is a huge blessing for someone with as itchy feet as I have.
Here in Brazil I have begun to relax into my surroundings. I think that the first time I lived here, well firstly, things weren’t quite so serious as they ar…

Sometimes it's a good thing not to be gifted.

In the last two weeks we have been thinking a lot about two things in particular. Of course, we have In fact been thinking about so many things that I now understand a little better what it must feel like to have smoke coming out of your ears, but this brought to the forefront the question of priorities, and within this topic the idea of what are our gifts, and when is it wise to rest. These two topics might appear to be quite separate and to have nothing to do with one another, but if you bear with me, I may be able to explain why in fact I think that these two things are inherently related.
I want you to understand, as I write this, that perhaps I could have sat down and been more systematic in how I thought about this subject, but the time for that, for now, has passed, so welcome to my stream of thought
Starting with the idea of our gifts. The bible clearly speaks to us that we all have gifts, there are things that some of us do better than others. There are talents, for example …