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s we grow older, our bodies get shorter and our anecdotes longer. -Robert Quillen

So, time plays tricks on all of us.
Recife, two years later, I left it, much the same as I found it. Perhaps it was me that was more affected by time and space in the North East of Brazil. So many miraculous things have happened, that they might have to come out in anecdotal form little by little, as it should have earlier.

I have arrived in Europe, and am facing the challenge of reverse culture shock, of settling back into a community (communities) that I was missing from for a good amount of time, and thought that perhaps I could continue with the blogging, and in fact be better at it on a continent when there is roaming WiFi in most places, and a cup of coffee comes with free internet.

I haven't been hit hard yet with anything in particular. I find it a little funny that I can't get away with making up facts and statistics because everyone has an iphone or the android equivalent, or perhaps the hybrid of the two, and a whole world of facts and figures are available. So far…