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Hello All!!!
It was weird, not writing a blog last week, giving control over to Becky, I wasn't sure that I liked someone else having control of my blog, but seeing as I received so many positive complements about Beckys blog, perhaps I should just let her write it from now on... Well we all know that's not going to happen, but I thought I would just say it anyway. Thank you for letting me know that you enjoy reading the blog, it helps with the writing of it late on a Sunday night.
This week was a really relaxed week. There was a day off in the middle, and it really worked to break up the week, and gave us some resting time. I had several long afternoon naps, that usually found me grumpier after I woke up then was completely necessary. The midday heat in Recife doesn't make for great naps, or peaceful dreams. Because of the easiness of this past week, workwise, I have not much to tell you about the project. It feels a little stagnant, but at the same time, every day that I g…

“Fish and visitors smell in three days.” Benjamin Franklin

Visiting blogger
So I have been given the daunting and very important job of writing Emma's blog this week. She has given me her full confidence to write whatever I wish... so all the stories she has been keeping from you of her life here can now be revealed... but then I remembered I have to sleep in the same bed as her so I think I had better stick to the truth and live to tell the tale.
This week has been quite a quiet 1, well compared to the past few crazy one's, but yet I think we all still feel like we've done a good few all-nighter's, so have been very blessed to had less on as I don't think we would have made it to today otherwise. Emma and I both have had a few emails this past week checking we are ok with the rain in Rio: surprisingly enough we are, as Rio is just a weeeee bitty away from Recife, but saying that we have had our fair share of heavy rain this week. Hitting a high on Saturday when we were off on both of our 2nd beach trips, joined by the …

“Man was made at the end of the week's work, when God was tired”

Good evening All!
Surprising, or rather, not so surprisingly, this week flew by yet again, and I have to admit that for the first time since coming out here I was hit with Missionary Fatigue on Saturday, but it was all my own fault, and I have already combated it with an afternoon nap today which has already got me feeling right as rain(ish). The weather has been really up and down, and the news has been showing some devastating pictures of Rio de Janeiro. Some of the people we know also have lost friends of theirs to the floods. Young children who cannot swim and are carried away by the sewage waters that are streaming through the centre of Rio. Sad news, and we are praying for them, and hope that you might as well.
The children this week have been a mixture of surprising blessings, and unsolvable problems. I find myself often between emotions with them, some of them have come so far just in four weeks. One of our adolescent boys, when we first had him in the project, was likely to be…

Sometimes the cart without the horse will do...

I am currently sat in our project writing this blog, with the hopes that I shall be able to send it a little later on. I should be doing my homework for school tonight, but decided that updating my blog was much more important. Let's see if my professor is of the same opinion later on.
On my right the girls are making story bracelets with Hannah, and on my left the boys (who by the way have gatecrashed the girls afternoon) are sat making little necklaces of their own. They are only replying to feminine names today because they are protesting the fact that mondays are only for girls (although I don't know how pretending to be a girl is a form of protesting, or how biblical it is that I am just letting them get on with it). Behind me Romulu and Becky are working away on the renovation of the building, and I get to sit in the sun with well behaved children writing my blog. Idyllic.
The past week, not surprisingly was quite a busy one. We had the children every afternoon, and becau…