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Finding Joy in the Season

You can imagine what the lead up to the end of the year is like, because we all go through it. It doesn’t matter where we are, if you follow a Gregorian calendar, you will be running to complete all the things that you need to do before the New Year, and to add to that, In Christian countries, you have the Christmas rush, preparing for the meal, getting the gifts, attending the Christmas events. I know, we’re all on the same boat.
I read somewhere, in passing, I think it must have been on Instagram, that “Your To-Do list affects your personality”. Thinking about that over the Christmas period can make it seem like, perhaps we turn into little monsters over this period. Some of us (If you could see me, I am currently pointing at myself), make our to-do lists the whole purpose of our being in this season. We perhaps forget, not only the whole ‘reason for the season’, but also we lose ourselves a little bit in the confusion. We forget to enjoy the festivities around us, we forget the j…