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It's really all in the timing

I have arrived, safe and sound, and am being will cared for by the church here. Still trying to get used to the language, timings and customs of Brazil, but I am a lot less tired than I thought I might be (the month working in France might have helped greatly with that). I have yet to move into my own place, and am hoping that this will happen later this week, but until then I get to spend time with Pastor Tomas and Carol and their little one, Samuel. I have to say that it is a great blessing that there are little ones here as well, as I already miss the little ones at Hebron. They cannot be replaced, of course, but it’s nice to have someone to sing all the mainly music songs with here too!
   Many reading this blog will already have heard how Igreja Rio (River Church - RIO is also an acronym for Relevant, Integrated and Organic) was founded out of a missionary group called Voz Na Rua (The Voice on the Street), but for the benefit of those who haven't heard, I will recount it qu…

Preparation for the Big Return!

I am sat at Heathrow Airport getting my blog set up for my Tuesday updates! Please do come back on Tuesday's and catch up with the news from Recife.

I am very privileged to have such a loving and caring church family, and I was back in Aberdeen for 4 days and did not manage to see everyone I would have liked too, but all of your kind messages and prayers have left me a little teary, although this could have also been the 5am wake up time this morning. I am grateful for all of your support, and hope that you all remember me with photos and little messages from time to time.

AS a quick update for those who are wondering, Tomas has found me a little place to stay which is walking distance from the church, in a flat with two other girls above an American couple. This area is safe and it's nice to know that there are others around for company and safety.

My flight is being called!
God Bless you all.

Psalm 20:4-5

Mayhergrantyouyourheart'sdesire andfulfillallyourplans! 5 Mayweshout…