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Among famous traitors of history one might mention the weather.

It is still Monday, officially, so I'm still on the right side of keeping my word. But only just. The last week has pretty figuratively FLOWN by. Although now that I should write about it, I of course can't remember a single interesting thing to say.
Well, I should start at the Project. This past week was a big week for us at the project (although the current one is looking like quite a big week as well). Our project. ZOE has three locations around Recife. One is Cha Da Cruz (the a in Cha, has a funny squiggle on top of it, but I can't find it in blogger), one is a church in the centre of the city called Igreja Congrecional Pernanbucana, and the third is here, where I live and work, in TEJIPIO. So this week in Tejipio we received the keys to our kingdom, which is a large building containing several classrooms, two shower rooms, two bathrooms and a big tiled bathroom type space, which isn't a bathroom, but it has sinks in it. I have yet to figure out e…
I started writing this blog on the first of march, a couple of days after I arrived, and although it was almost done at that point in time, somehow I just wasn't able to finish. So I am going to try to give this another try. My wish is that I can be disciplined enough to be able to update my Blog on MONDAYS (every Monday) since I should have time to write it on a Saturday and on a Sunday between services. I can blame laziness for a lot of the non-communication of the past 4 weeks, but at the same time I also have some small excuses, such as; business (we really are quite busy) and I was (still am a little) ill for a while, as can be expected when your diet changes quite suddenly to pretty much rice and beans (which I have not yet grown bored of).
So, here I am. HERE, In BRAZIL, am I, Emma! Seriously. I kid you not. After 18 months of frustration, patience lost, and found, and all sorts of ups and downs in my emotions to the people who make visas at the embassy, here I am. I was so …