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A four letter word shouldn't be so hard to explain.

A friend of mine, a very good friend, one from before I became Christian, or a capoeirista, a grass-roots kind of friend, came to my church one Sunday a good while ago. She listened to the sermon, probably more carefully than half the congregation, or even I did, and afterwards I asked her what she thought of it. She replied to me, politically correctly, and with sensitivity to my feelings, that it had been interesting, but that she preferred the sermons at her mums home church. Why? Because they were always about love and happiness, and our sermon this week, although not directly dealing with hell, had been very fire and brimstones anyway. Hmm, this was almost three years ago, and I still remember that Sunday. Funny.

Today isn't about teaching preachers how or what to teach, heaven knows I haven't a clue, and if anyone, I recognise the importance of balanced teaching. No, today is about sharing some love and happiness - because really that is a basis of my faith, whether in …