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"I've been up for days, trying to find a way to write this confession down..."

What gets me every time, is that just when you are ready to celebrate someone's happiness, someone else's injustice enters. A daily combat against hunger, ill health, against loneliness, hopelessness, poverty, inequality, and you get over the hurdle, you witness an obstacle removed, you begin to rejoice for all that is good in this world, you turn around, and notice that the distortion has taken a-hold of someone new.

Wonderful things have happened, miracles, people healed, families fed, houses rebuilt by the community. Some of our kids graduating school and moving on to study at university. We are proud to see accomplishment, proud to see healthy and happy children playing, communicating and relating better then they were a year ago. I stopped for two days and saw all the good that was happening in Tejipio despite the material difficulties, and was filled with joy.The community is rebuilding itself after the floods, families are moving back in to their houses, the schools have…