Hopefully my Final Weeks in Helsinki

Things moved ahead slowly, very slowly, it took almost a year for my papers to arrive. But they did eventually and they are here, along with a lot of other papers and documents, each stamped and signed, so hopefully one morning this week when the embassy doesn't close early and I don't sleep in I'll be able to take my applications in, and then it'll be all go. There is a purpose to me being here, it's given me time to prepare, so I'm not too worried at all. And this year has just confirmed that going to Brazil is definately the right choice. I would maybe go as far as saying a calling.

Portugese lessons coming along ok, have been working away at them on the quiet days at work. Sponsorship is a little low, but Im working on that at the moment too. Was very excited to hear that Ali and Georgina shall be on their way over very soon, and am excited to see them in Brasil very very soon.

Shall update later on this week to see how it all went at the embassy

God Bless.


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