Can you only love something that you would die for...


Camps are over, who would have believed it seriously! In April I didn't believe that I'd even make it that far really, and now here I am mid august, and am missing them terribly. Although on the last day of camp, I was quite happy to see the back of them, but once the tiredness faded you forgot about all the mud, and how all your clothes were ruined because of the games, how having a shower was a 30 second experience, that felt like a bucket of ice being tipped over you, how you had to eat a whole raw onion in order to get your team a meager 200 points, how you slept only 4 hours a night on a good night, how teenagers have hugly emotional problems, and how you had to throw a tantrum to stop people from eating raw chicken. No, all of that kind of stuff was automatically deleted from my mind and all I was left with was: How nice it was to be continuously surrounded by friends, and you were never lonely. How it was singing and watching the sun rise. How the kids loved every moment of it, How i managed to make some good relationships in my room talking about girly stuff into the night, how we spend our free time singing songs in two languages with amazing musicians, and so on, and so on.

The camps taught me that although I might not give off such a wonderful fragrance when I am crushed, and that I have little patience after 4 hours of sleep for a week straight, that in fact everyone that I worked with, and everyone that I camped with was surprisingly happy for all four weeks. I think that while we were concentrating on the things that were happening around us, we didn't really have time for thinking of life outside, and so we were able to live happy and in harmony (mostly) for a month, and I miss that. Now that the 'real world' has caught up with me there seems to be a lot of people that need taking care of, lots of emails to catch up, lots of work to do, and I guess I feel like sighing a little bit and day dreaming in order to procrastinate with getting on with life, but lucky for me life packs a punch and there is no time for that.

Term starts again next week and we have been having lots of meetings of how we can make things more dynamic and how we can reach even more children, although I'm begining to feel a little worried that Hannah and I have reached capacity with kids, and that we will need a couple of more helpers in order to expand. But I have faith that if the kids come, so will the workers.

Now that camps are over and life is returning to normal, I will return to blogging once a week again, and trying to catch you up on all the news that is happening out here. Generally by blogs have been quite light hearted because I've felt quite at peace being out here but more recently there have been many things happening with our teens and kids that are a little more worrying and I want to outline some of their stories here for you, so I'll do that in the following weeks. I just want you to know that I am not trying to be sensationalist, but that I am trying to share as honestly as possible my experiences out here.

And finally, the part that I dislike the most, but is the most necessary at the moment: The one thing that is currently most problematic for me is my financial situation, and for this reason I am putting out a plea to you to please help towards my mission work out here. I unwaveringly believe that this is where God wants me to be, the work out here is important and that it is not time for me to come back home yet. My monthly current costs are as follows:
Rent: £100
Food: £50
Seminary: £55
Travel: £20
Latin Link Fees: £142
Portuguese Lessons: £80
Extras (I keep ripping my trousers playing games in the mud): £30

To be able to stay out here I will need your help, I need about 30 units of £15 monthly donations to be able to survive out here. Please give what you can. either email me at and I can send you a sponsorship form, or you can donate at

Have missed writing me blog! Glad I'm back!


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