While waiting for a Moses to lead us into the promised land, we have forgotten how to walk.

So, I have had a couple of months of writers block, and then remembered that I am not a writer, so that´s not a good enough excuse. I thought then, that maybe it was because I didn´t have anything insightful to write about, and then realised that I was probably giving my previous blogs a little too much credit, and insight is really rather relative anyway. Then I thought that maybe I was a little too busy to write a blog, and although I would agree that that was the case, I think that also, I am a little lazy. So, that was my thought process, almost every day for the last couple of months. But here we are today, I had a cup of coffee, class was cancelled, and I have no credit on my phone to organize anything else, a free evening, courtesey of the weather!

And now, to think of something relatively insightful to write... Hmmm.. Well, as Judith and Adrian are off on sending country assingment, I am currently living in their flat, looking after the family (almost lost Felix one day, which was probably the most stressed I´ve been since having come out here, loosing your bosses cat is quite a big deal!) I also have the priviledge of adrians book shelf, and have been reading some old testament texts in the Message bible. For those of you who don´t know the Message is (to quote wikipedia:) It is an idiomatic translation of the original languages of the Bible. It makes it a more easy read for some. Of course there is debate about the validity of this type of translation, but all of that is above my head, and I enjoy reading something that actually makes sense to me. In any case, I was reading about Moses and the burning bush. God wants Moses to go off and save the people of Isreal, and Moses takes it seriously because there is this bush that is on fire, without actually burning. And I did my usual scoff " Well it was easy for him to know what to do, he witnessed a miracle" and then it hit me, all of a sudden. We all have our burning bushes, we just generally ignore them.

I bring up the burning bush, because currently there are some problems with some organizations that I know, corruption at the nepotistic heads of governing bodies for charities, and I am privy to the information, but am not directly involved with situation. I feel angry for people who are on the ground working for charities and are being treated absolutely horribly, but feel that it is none of my business and keep quiet. But, having read that bit about the burning bush, wishing that things were so easy for all of us, and I thought, wait a minute....Maybe this is my burning bush. I know that this isn´t right, I feel angry about it, but am not going to do anything about it, where is the use in that? This could be my burning bush, to take action.

Or it might not be.

Really, there are things in this world that we feel strongly about, and we can do things about it. There are things in this world that we feel strongly about and wish we could do something about, and there are things in this world that we feel strongly about, and that´s it. Where is the line between what we need to do, what we can do, what we should do, and what we just can't do? Is anyone anywhere near an answer? Because I'm not. How do we identify our burning bushes?

Then I started thinking, that maybe it's not just that. You see a situation that is wrong, you can speak up about it. You shouldn't need a burning bush, should you? You see the weak being treated wrongly, you shouldn't need to stand around waiting for the voice of God, He has already spoken that we are to fight for those who aren't able to fight for themselves.

Sometimes maybe we can consider, that when our morals are touched, we feel angry about a situation, that is enough of a burning bush, to move us to react. The question now though is, how to react? But I'll leave that for another day.

Miss you all

Title quote by "Wendell Johnson"


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